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Creative Producers Initiative Fellows

Charlene AgabaoLucy Alibar
Glenn BakerMara-Michelle Batlin
Ritesh Joginder BatraJesus Beltran
Michael BrownChad Burris
Carl BykerJonathan Caouette
Alan T. ChanMaya Churi
Jennifer CochisMichael Collins
Chico ColvardNekisa Cooper
Yolanda CruzKief Davidson
Jennifer DubinLena Dunham
Eliza DushkuCarol Dysinger
Lance EdmandsMark Edwards
Sally El HosainiCho Eunhee
Julien FavreSteve Bing Fellow
Gayle FerraroSydney Freeland
Katie GallowayMegan Gelstein
Howard GertlerTony Hardmon
Pavlina HatoupisRobin Hessman
Mark Silverman HonoreesDiane Houslin
Sandra ItkoffKristi Jacobson
Kirsten JohnsonMyna Joseph
Dara KellKasem Kharsa
Ann Sook KimAlejandro Landes
Melissa LeeRachel Libert
Reuben LimSophia Lin
Amy LoMynette Louie
Andrew Okpeaha MacLeanVictoria Mahoney
Stephen MaingCara Marcous
Kyle MartinDavid Robert Mitchell
Josh MondSusan Morris
Veronica NickelMona Nicoara
Christopher NizzaJehane Noujaim
Molly O'BrienCora Olson
Josh PennRichard Ray Perez
David RedmonDee Rees
Todd RohalAdele Romanski
Ry Russo-YoungAshley Sabin
Jenny SchweitzerDash Shaw
Cori Shepherd SternRon Simons
Lucia SmallJonathon Stack
Jett SteigerLaure Sullivan
Marty SyjucoSara Terry
Ondi TimonerDavid Turnley
Alicia Van CouveringThomas Woodrow
Jonathan WysockiBenh Zeitlin
Joshua Zeman 
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