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Film Music Program Fellows

iZLER Billy White Acre
Christian AmigoChristopher Anderson-Bazzoli
Tyler BatesJonathan Bepler
Kurt BestorRyan Beveridge
Kathryn BosticTim Boyle
Steven BramsonJane Brockman
Don ByronWill Calhoun
Arlen CardRalph Carney
Kim CarrollMatt Cartsonis
Stephen Thomas CavitNancy Laird Chance
George ChaveBilly Childs
Sherri ChungBarbara Cohen
Marco D'AmbrosioTerry Dame
Chanda DancyBrent Michael Davids
Mark De Gli AntoniSuzanne B. Dean
Lawrence A. DominelloCourtney Von Drehle
Brad FiedelPeter Fitzpatrick
Jeremy FlowerAiko Fukushima
Magda GiannikouVincent Gillioz
Joseph GonzalesChris Guardino
John HancockLili Haydn
Derrick HodgeShahzad Ali Ismaily
Camara KambonAndreas Kapsalis
Laura KarpmanKristopher Karter
Emilio KaudererNancy Kewin
Eva KingRonit Kirchman
Penka KounevaMark Koval
Viktor KraussNick Laird-Clowes
JJ LeeChristopher Lord
Gary LourisErik Lundborg
Jessica LurieFrank Macchia
Vivek MaddalaKaren Martin-Messner
Roger MasonSasha Matson
Rebeca MauleonMark McKenzie
Joel McNellyPeter R. Melnick
Raz MesinaiLeon Milo
Mick MuhlfriedelSean Murray
Sujin NamDavid Newman
Mark OrtonNicholas Pavkovic
Grant Lee PhillipsGreg Pliska
David PoeZoe Poledouris
Paola PrestiniBradford Reed
Ted ReichmanCraig Richey
Stan RidgwayGyan Riley
Arturo RodriguezCarlos Rodriquez
Enis RotthoffCurtis Roush
Kareem RoustomHahn Rowe
Gingger ShankarRani Sharone
Martin St-PierreNed Sublette
Otis TaylorKenya Tillery
Christopher TinCeiri Torjussen
Jeff ToyneKristen Volgelsang
Jack Eric WilliamsMichael Wolff
Lev "Ljova" ZhurbinRobin Zimmermann
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