The Forgotten Part of the Equation: The Independent Screenwriter

It is often assumed that independent films are the work of an individual voice: a filmmaker with a vision, an auteur: What often becomes obscured is that independent films are written, and quite regularly by someone other than the director. Novelist/screenwriter Howard A. Rodman, who has written for and worked with Steven Soderbergh, Chantal Akerman, Jean-Pierre Gorin and Errol Morris, will moderate this panel which examines the role of the writer in the independent film. Does the studio world’s legendary disrespect for writers carry over to independents? Must a writer direct his own material to be considered truly independent? A group of panelist with experience writing, developing, rewriting and working with independent screen material will engage in a frank and useful discussion of what is unique about independent screenwriting and how independent scripts get made.


Howard Rodman
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