Mother’s Meat and Freud’s Flesh

Institute History

  • 1985 Sundance Film Festival


Demira’s escapades as an actor in pornographic movies lead him—somehow—to an ever deepening obsession with his mother, Esther, a large, garish X-rated Shelley Winters type, who returns the favor with abnormal devotion. Also involved with the star-crossed mother/son duo are his shrink (“the Psycho-dentist”) and the mother’s other lover, an 87-year-old country singer named Speed. Demira, in a fit of depression, quits the porn industry only to resume his career when handed a part “written just for him.” But this too falls through in a mire of sex and drek. Dedicated “To All Our Mothers,” Mother’s Meat and Freud’s Flesh seems to be a thinly disguised autobiography. (Director Estdelacropolis wrote the script and plays the lead. His “mother,” thank god, is an actress.) Only Estdelacropolis knows for sure what’s real and what’s not, but he suggests that his film’s “true affinity is with Walt Disney” (whereas we would respectfully suggest John Walters).

Screening Details

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