Institute History

  • 1996 Sundance Film Festival


Bound, the very remarkable directing debut for Lilly and Lana Wachowski, is the kind of fast-paced sexy thriller that gives the genre a good name. Terrifically well conceived with great dialogue and exceptional style, it possesses plot twists and turns, humor and wit, eroticism and some violence, which all add up to a very fresh and funny rendering of a story we may think we know, but not like this!

Corky, an ex-con, who is fixing up an apartment in a high-class building, played with wonderful tongue-in-cheek flair and toughness by Gina Gershon, falls for Violet, the sexy moll of a Mafia money launderer who lives next door. Violet, played equally impeccably by Jennifer Tilly as the coquettish, “dumb” brunette, is also attracted to Corky, and once they’ve connected, both literally and figuratively, they concoct a plan to steal two million dollars.

Needless to say, everything doesn’t quite work out as planned, but the results are pure entertainment. The Wachowskis, whose currently in-production screenwriting projects include the Warner Brothers action film Assassins and the new John Dahl work, Unforgettable, here demonstrate their impressive talents as directors. They focus on story and character, often forgotten elements in today’s standardized generic work, and develop an engaging, effective, and none-too-serious play on expectations that is absolutely delightful. If lesbians versus the Mob isn’t the perfect way to spice up a somewhat moribund formula, I don’t know what is. With Joe Pantoliano as the appropriately vile Caesar, Bound is perfect to end our premiere week.

— Geoffrey Gilmore, with edits

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