Seven Grams


Institute History

  • 2022 Sundance Film Festival


The COVID-19 pandemic made vividly clear how essential telecommunications are for our businesses, relationships, and lives. But these prevalent and convenient technologies have hidden costs, accrued in the countries where naturally occurring minerals are used to create smartphones and other personal electronic devices. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one such country.

Where is the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Why is it so rich in natural resources, yet so economically impoverished? What does your smartphone have to do with Congolese life, and the distant, obscure conflicts taking place there? Seven Grams guides users through the insides of their smartphone, making it possible to see the key minerals and components needed to power their device. The augmented reality experience viscerally exposes the connection between smartphones and the abuse and exploitation linked to mineral extraction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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