A Chrysanthemum Burst in Cincoesquinas

Director: Daniel Burman
Screenwriters: Daniel Burman

Institute History

  • 1998 Sundance Film Festival


It isn’t unusual for an Argentine filmmaker to create a multileveled work that incorporates a strong narrative and a complex visual style with a serious, discursive inquiry into existence and metaphysics. While this may sound forbidding or inaccessible, the genius of Argentine cinema lies in how engaging, well constructed, and open ended these works often are. Daniel Burman made A Chrysanthemum Burst in Cincoesquinas very much in this tradition of visual experimentation intermeshed with historical allegory.

Chrysanthemum Burst, a period piece set at the turn of the century, tells the story of Erasmo, a young man who is seeking revenge for the murder of the wet nurse who raised him when he was abandoned by his parents during the chaos of war. Trying to find his way through life, Erasmo joins with a friend, Saul; meets a first love, La Renga; and must confront an enemy, El Zancudo. Finally, he meets the person who will pose the ultimate challenge in his life in Magdalena.

Latin American nations have numerous historical issues in common, from colonialization to dictatorship and revolution; this film, with its focus on history, can be understood both specifically and universally by audiences. Made by a twenty-four-year-old, who describes himself as part of a generation of skeptics, Chrysanthemum Burst is devoid of the ideological burdens carried by many of Burman’s cinematic forebears. The film brings humor, iconoclasm, and insight to a world in transition.

Daniel Burman, Director
Daniel Burman was born in Buenos Aires in 1973 and studied audiovisual production at the ORT Institute. Since 1992 he has been working in film production. He has directed many short films, among them Niños envueltos, given an award by the Instituto Nacional de Cine in 1994. In 1995 the screenplay for A Chrysanthemum Burst received an award from the Concurso Anual de Telefilms at INCAA.

— Geoffrey Gilmore

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