The Pigeon Egg Strategy

Director: Max Makowski
Screenwriters: Max Makowski

Institute History

  • 1998 Sundance Film Festival


The semantic realm of the comedy-philosophy genre of such writers as Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter has rarely been successfully translated into the world of film. Usually it appeals to the narrowest of audiences due to its attention-demanding dialogue and structure. In his first feature, Max Makowski has managed to scrupulously weave the fabric of an intensive, academic genre into an ultracool, accessible, and humorous film that satisfies on numerous levels.

The Pigeon Egg Strategy complexly narrates its story through an audacious structure of repartee and images that become clear over the course of the film. Ultimately, however, it does not baffle or confuse but thoroughly entertains. There are no surrealistic dead ends, no random shots, no highly esoteric moments. Instead, the film is a delectable blend of witty observations, charming characters, and a unique narrative revolving around a capricious group of assassins. Jumping back and forth between times and progressing through a number of seemingly irrelevant and unconnected events involving politicians, philosophers, an angry chef, a barfly, a novelist, and the assassins, the story unfolds like a puzzle where each word and action fill in another piece.

The Pigeon Egg Strategy defies conventional storytelling. Instead of attempting to grab the audience within the first few minutes, it sets up a reference point which rides above the fast story line and helps flesh out the plot as it evolves. Along the way, it postulates an extremely clever array of concepts and musings. All in all, it is a movie that can only be experienced as a whole, so stay with it and ask yourself, “Where are the baby pigeons?”

Max Makowski, Director
Max Makowski was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1970 and has been creating films and plays since he was eleven years old. By the time he was eighteen, he had completed over twenty-three films, had had seventeen of his plays performed, and had received the Award for Excellence in the Arts at his secondary school. Recently he has worked for studios and television stations in Hong Kong. The Pigeon Egg Strategy is his first feature film.

— Trevor Groth

Screening Details

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