Director: Robert M. Young
Screenwriters: Milcha Sanchez-Scott

Institute History

  • 1994 Sundance Film Festival


A Latino intergenerational drama set to the Southwest. Roosters is an absorbing portrait of a family grasping for a piece of the prosperous American pie Invoking the powerful symbol of the rooster, the proud cock that fights to the death, the story about love and power. Gallo Morales. intensely portrayed by the stoical Edward James Olmos. Is a legendary breeder of fighting cocks who returns home after serving a seven-year prison term for manslaughter. Gallo's arrival arouses conflicting emotions and sparks revelations among the members of his family. The conflict that threatens to break them apart revolves around a prize fighting cock that Gallo's son Hector (Danny Nucci) inherited from his grandfather. Gallo sees this situation as an absolute betrayal of his macho patriarchal power. and Hector. desperate to find a new life for himself and his family. has his own ideas of what to do with the rooster. fueling the fire are Gallo's overtly sexual sister.

Cilata (Maria Conchita Alonso) and his sensitive daughter. Angela (Sarah Lassezl). Sonia Braga. in what is probably her best performance. plays the long-suffering and strong matriarch who tries to keep the family together. Providing a lyrical subplot is Angela's fantasy life a devoted Catholic who spends most of her time in a private lair beneath the front porch or prancing about to paper angel wings. she has lengthy conversations with her favorite saints and plays with religious Icons in a miniature graveyard The family is so preoccupied by the battle for supremacy between father and son that Angela's withdrawal goes unnoticed. Spectacular acting and Reynaldo Villalobos's superb cinematography
are an integral part of the film's success. Directed by the talented Robert M Young (Nothing But a Man. Alambrista. Children of Fate). Roosters is another strong affirmation of Young's compassion for those on the underside of the American Dream

Monday Jan 24 9:00 pm
Prospector Square Theatre

Tuesday Jan 25 1:00 pm
Egyptian Theatre

Saturday Jan 29 8:30 pm
Tower Theatre. Salt lake City


— Catherine Schulman

Screening Details

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