Director: Trey Parker
Screenwriters: Trey Parker

Institute History

  • 1998 Sundance Film Festival


Joe Hung is the new superstar in the latest Maxxx Orbison porno extravaganza. His breakout role is the superhero Orgazmo, defender of the ladies against all sorts of bodily functions. But as we are very aware, Joe Hung has a past. He is really Joe Young, mild-mannered Mormon boy from Utah on his mission in Los Angeles. How this unlikely chain of events unfolds can only be explained one way, and it is not “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” It is all spelled out with hilarious detail in Orgazmo, an over-the-top film destined to be an instant classic.

Last year at Sundance, you may remember the premiere of the outlandish short The Spirit of Christmas, directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It spun off into “South Park,” the animated television series. Orgazmo is spawned from the same demented mind of Trey Parker. As anticipated, this comedy cuts in broad swaths, drawing from just about every B-film genre. Our hero is surrounded by a colorful bunch of characters, including his fianceé Lisa, who, beaming with prenuptial bliss, arrives from Utah unexpectedly and his faithful sidekick Choda-boy, who in real life is an MIT graduate who has developed a secret weapon, the Orgamorator, a ray gun that stuns you with an intense orgasm. If that isn’t enough to pique your curiosity, I am told there are cameos from numerous porno legends (but I wouldn’t know anything about that).

Trey Parker, Director
Trey Parker was born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado. At the University of Colorado, he won a student academy award for his animated short American History. In 1992 Parker, Matt Stone, and Jason McHugh formed Avenging Conscience Productions. Parker wrote, starred in, and directed their first feature film, Cannibal: The Musical. While working at Fox Television, Parker made a Christmas animation short, The Spirit of Christmas, a huge underground hit. In August 1997, his animated TV series “South Park” premiered to rave reviews.

— John Cooper

Screening Details

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