Cuba Va: The Challenge of the Next Generation

Institute History

  • 1994 Sundance Film Festival


This is absolutely up-to-the-minute reporting that embraces so much contradictory information that the mind is sent spinning Just when you thought you knew all about Cuba, along comes this bright, energetic and breathless video-to-film transfer that lets young Cubans speak and argue for themselves. What they have to say or sing or rap suggests that everyone born after the revolution has an opinion, and those opinions are diverse. quite diverse. What it also suggests is that father Fidel, whether he Intended to or not, has produced an extraordinarily articulate generation that defines itself through political positions Here is a nation In which young men and women believe that their personal behavior has a public meaning and consequence. and that even being alienated is an act of social rebellion.

The one area of agreement among those interviewed is the wish to be left alone after Castro's departure to son out Cuba's future. But Miami is too close, and watching this appealing work from the United Stales, we know this will not be, Therefore we bring to this documentary a sense of anxiety, if not dread What is abundantly evident, however, is how much contemporary Cuban youth culture in music, dress and gesture is already informed, despite tile blockade (or maybe because of it?) by America.

In Cuba Va, Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco have precipitated a lively and urgent debate that raises provocative questions that become more complex in the asking Cuba Va is electric.

Friday Jan 21 4:00 pm
Holiday Village Cinema I

Sunday Jan 23 6:30 pm
Park City library Center

Wednesday Jan 26 1:40 pm
Holiday Village Cinema III

Friday Jan 28 1:00 pm
Holiday Village Cinema I


— Laurence Kardish

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