Wave Twisters

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In what promises to be the most rump-shaking, groove-making highlight of the Film Festival, we are proud to present the visual and musical event that is Wave Twisters—The Movie: an eye-popping, hip-hop-meets-Hanna-Barbera, animated adventure synced skratch for skratch with DJ Q-Bert's turntable masterpiece of the same name.

The story follows the Inner Space Dental Commander, who must fulfill his destiny by reviving the "lost arts" the four pillars of hip-hop culture: break dancing, rapping, graffiti, and most importantly, skratching. To do so, he and his posse—the mischievous medical droid, Rubbish; his lovely assistant and comrade-at-arms, Honey; and B-Boy Grandpa, the last surviving link to a bygone era where the arts flourished—must battle their way through an increasingly surreal collection of villains and booby traps. Among the villains is an elite corps of turntable warriors, played by key members of the Invisible Skratch Piklz: Q-Bert, Yoga Frog, and D-Styles, plus DJ Flare. Their electrifying performances blaze a path of destruction that stands between the Dental Commander and his final showdown with the evil mastermind, Lord Ook.

DJ Q-bert's turntable wizardry has always had an intergalactic feel , almost as if he has the ability to transport the mind through different universes. Now in one of the most ingenious concepts ever for a sci-fi film, we can see the worlds our ears have already been to.
With a live introduction by DJ Q-Bert, Wave Twisters—The Movie is a film that brilliantly fuses sound and image into a hypercharged spectacle of cinematic and symphonic ecstasy you won't want to miss.

— Trevor Groth

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