Possible Loves

Director: Sandra Werneck
Screenwriters: Paulo Halm

Institute History

  • 2001 Sundance Film Festival


Tropical rain beats down outside a cinema lobby in Rio de Janeiro as Carlos waits for his first date with Julia. She never shows up. A tiny disturbance in the fabric of fate, a commonplace event, barely registered—but one from which alternate realities can spring.

Fifteen years later we find Carlos living three lives. In the first, he is a wealthy lawyer with a comfortable but passionless marriage, childless. In the second, he is divorced from Julia, living with Pedro, a sympathetic fellow he met playing soccer. In the third, he lives with his mother and carries on an extended adolescence, sneaking chicks into his bedroom after a night in the bars. Each of Carlos's destinies is challenged by an encounter—with a Julia. The first is a reserved and sophisticated beauty whom he meets in an art gallery; the second is the ex-wife with whom the old flame rekindles; the third is a wild, aggressive, and eccentric artist.

Possible Loves, director Sandra Werneck's second feature film, is fun and sexy. It is also an artful and philosophical exploration of love, character, destiny, and the role—the big role—that chance plays. We know this from our own lives, those of our friends, and that of Carlos. One life is real, one is not, and one is the life he would like to live. In each, he faces the dilemma of two loves, the necessity of a choice . . .to be resolved by will, or by fate?

— Nicole Guillemet

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