Clean, Shaven

Director: Lodge Kerrigan
Screenwriters: Lodge Kerrigan

Institute History

  • 1994 Sundance Film Festival


Rarely has a portrait of insanity been as successfully and disturbingly realized as in this remarkable feature debut by filmmaker lodge Kerrigan. The lead character's search for his missing daughter. while plagued by hallucinations and under investigation for murder, is presented through a fractured. somewhat minimalist narrative that serves as a perfect framework to mirror the destructive nature of schizophrenia.

Intense and graphic scenes powerfully communicate the explosive psychological state of Peter Winter, played brilliantly and absolutely convincingly by Peter Greene. The dialogue is sparse, but the sound track is so complex and engaging that it propels the film's imagery. The viewer is relentlessly drawn into the gruesome masochistic action, which is never gratuitous even when it becomes almost unbearable to watch.

As a study of a schizoid, at times frighteningly bizarre, character, the film is exacting and focused. The director has observed that the narrative serves only as an outline for this character study. But far from being an exercise or experiment. Kerrigan's film makes choices about story, camerawork, and editing which wholly support his intention to present a moving and unforgettable examination.

Clean, Shaven's production history is also remarkable, although certainly not unique. Shot over a period of two years, financed in bits and pieces, the film is testimony to the dedication that singular efforts like this require. Cinematographer Teodoro Maniaci saw the project through and deserves high praise for its stark images and tight, exact framing. In spite of production interruptions, the film evidences no sign of any continuity problems. Even though its evolution may be typical. Clean, Shaven's impact and Quality are certainly in a class by themselves.

Friday Jan 21 10:00 pm
Egyptian Theatre

Sunday Jan 23 10:00 am
Holiday Village Cinema I

Wednesday Jan 26 3:30 pm
Park City Library Center

Friday Jan 28 4:40 pm
Holiday Village Cinema III


— Geoffrey Gilmore

Screening Details

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