River of Grass

Director: Kelly Reichardt
Screenwriters: Kelly Reichardt

Institute History


River of Grass, Kelly Reichardt's debut feature, is a quick-witted takeoff on the classic American film. Because of this, it's a film whose impact is as much a matter of tone and style as story, and Reichardt demonstrates a sparkling capacity for real cinematic expression. When thirty-year-old Cory comes to the realization that her life isn't all it might be—to say the least, her lackadaisical husband, three kids and house on a soggy acre in Broward County, Florida, leave something to be desired—she sneaks out one night to a local bar and meets her destiny, an aimless young man named Lee, who personifies the B ethic of the slightly enigmatic loser. While engaging in the evening's highlight. pool hopping, they encounter an annoyed homeowner, but unfortunately right at that moment. Lee is demonstrating how to use his pistol, and they shoot and flee. So begins a low-key, but captivating, escapade which alternately provokes amusement and incredulity as the couple bungle their way through familiar situations and circumstances, living the life of outlaws But they can't seem to get it right.

Shot on a miniscule budget, with terrific performances and a stark atmosphere, this is original. controlled filmmaking by creative independents who clearly understand the B-film legacy they're tapping into. As the embodiment of the Independent axiom to call on ingenuity and resourcefulness in making every dollar count, River of Grass is truly one of this Festival's most engaging surprises. To quote the filmmakers, it's a "road movie without the road, a love story without the love, a crime story without the crime," but definitely worth seeing!

Friday Jan 21 1:00 pm
Egyptian Theatre

Monday Jan 24 10:40 am
Holiday Village Cinema III

Wednesday Jan 26 1:40 pm
Holiday Village Cinema III

Friday Jan 28 9:30 pm
Park City library Center


— Geoffrey Gilmore

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