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  • 1994 Sundance Film Festival


Can you mix elements of The Evil Dead, The Shining, Alien, and Rosemary's Baby with a vampire story and end up with an original horror film? The question is answered with a resounding yes by newcomers Wrye Martin and Barry Poltermann with Aswang.

The film is based on the Filipino legend about aswang, vampires who feed on the unborn, literally sucking them out of the mother. The evil Peter Null Involves the young and unhappily pregnant Katrina in a sketchy agreement to pose as his wife until her baby is born, at which time he will keep the child. He brings her to his family's spooky midwestern estate, where she encounters his ailing mother the Queen of the aswang! and their Filipino maid, and is told to stay clear of his hidden sister Then things start to unravel. Katrina has to fight to stay alive and keep her baby away from this grotesque family of aswang.

More than just blood and guts, Aswang is a dedicated horror film—but one that doesn't take Itself too seriously—about a mother's struggle to protect her unborn child from those who want to harm it. The Wisconsin setting proves a perfect backdrop for this chilling film.

Friday Jan 21 Midnight
Egyptian Theatre

Sunday Jan 23 1:00 pm
Holiday Village Cinema I


— Lisa Viola

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