Film Actions V

Director: Luke Savisky

Institute History

  • 2005 Sundance Film Festival


Luke Savisky sees the world differently than you or I do. For him, light is something to be shaped and aimed, inanimate objects can shift, and the moving image is up for reappropriation and can live side by side with the living.The projection magic of Savisky makes people swim through houses, places feet tickling feet into ceiling corners, makes statues breathe, and floats legs mysteriously in the air without a screen. His canvases are passing trains, human bodies, faces, trees, smoke, and the air itself.

"Film Action" is Savisky's alchemical practice of taking film projection out of the booth and into a variety of fascinating settings. By placing original and found moving images in sculptural, architectural, and natural environments, he warps the perception of time and space that we have learned as moviegoers.For two nights, "Film Actions V" will transform a lounge in the main gallery of the Sundance House into a completely immersive cinematic experience where the audience itself will become the canvas. But keep an eye out as you travel around town. Savisky's "Film Actions" will also take place in the Festival's crevices and on thoroughfares and may become part of your world just when you least expect it.

— Shari Frilot and Mike Plante

Screening Details

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