Sólo Dios Sabe

Director: Carlos Bolado
Screenwriters: Carlos Bolado, Diane Weipert

Institute History

  • 2006 Sundance Film Festival


How much control do we have over our lives? If fate exists, how do we learn to read its signs? And what of love? Do we have any choice in the matter? Sólo Dios Sabe is a beautifully wrought epic love story that penetrates these questions in profound and exuberant ways.

Dolores, a sexy, stoical Brazilian student living in San Diego, and Damián, an earnest, superstitious Mexican journalist, cross paths when Dolores heads south with friends to a Tijuana nightclub. When Dolores's passport is stolen, she catches a ride with Damián to Mexico City to replace it. Their road trip transmutes a casual encounter into kismet, but a secret Damián holds causes Dolores to bolt. Convinced they are meant for one another, Damián tracks her to Brazil, where a mysterious sacred heritage gives Dolores new insight into a primal destiny that now envelops them both.

Throughout, Damián and Dolores are juxtaposed against visually spectacular patterns of landscape—whether high rises in urban Sao Paolo or ships on the wide-open sea—as if they were tiny elements in a larger design. With radiant, emotionally intense performances by Diego Luna and Alice Braga, and music by Brazilian electronic wunderkind Otto and Mexican alternative rocker Julieta Venegas, Carlos Bolado gives us a sensuous, heightened journey that traverses spiritual, geographical, romantic, and philosophical terrain all at once.

(Archives note: see also Carlos Bolado's Meet The Artist interview on our YouTube Channel.)

— Caroline Libresco

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