Amongst Friends

Director: Rob Weiss
Screenwriters: Rob Weiss

Institute History

  • 1993 Sundance Film Festival


Amongst Friends brings the genre of the street film, where the price of pride is often death. into the nineties. The guys in this story don't join gangs and sell drugs for money, they do these things to have something to do.

In the wealthy Five Towns area of Long Island, Andy, Trevor and Billy were inseparable for eighteen years; inseparable, that is, until Trevor got thrown in jail for selling drugs, a deal involving all three. Now it's three years later, and Trevor is back, Intending to stay only long enough to find his high-school sweetheart, Laura. Inevitably Trevor runs into his old friends and learns that Billy has become a young wise guy, and Andy is his unhappy lackey. To make things worse, Laura has turned to Billy in Trevor's absence. Trevor knows full well it's time to pack his bags and get out of town. but when he sees a chance to get revenge, some cash and even the girl, he can't turn it down.

A directorial debut for Rob Weiss. Amongst Friends is a film so pure in style it appears spontaneous. Weiss captures the beat of a generation defined by its lack of direction. The idea of making a film about rich kids who prance around like gangsters reeks of superficiality, but Amongst Friends is the opposite—intense and frighteningly real. The characters, all superbly acted, are generally educated and rich; they've been primed for success. The problem is that it's the nineties, and it was kids in the eighties who cared about money. The guys in this story graduated from high school in the eighties, took one good look at where that decade had got us, and checked out. Unfortunately they checked out without a destination. They still want money, but there isn't much money left. Rather than choose careers or struggle to become successful. they decide to play a game called crime. Money is the prize, but sadly, betrayal and death are the playing cards.

Saturday Jan 23 10:15 pm
Holiday Village Cinema II

Sunday Jan 24 1:30 pm
Holiday Village Cinema III

Wednesday Jan 27 4:15 pm
Holiday Village Cinema II

Friday Jan 29 6:00 pm
Prospector Square Theatre


— Catherine Schulman

Screening Details

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