Institute History

  • 2007 Sundance Film Festival


Fido whisks us away to a beautifully Technicolor alternate reality where zombies roam the earth. Not to fear—their never-ending appetite for human flesh has been stifled by a patented domestication collar, manufactured en masse by megacorporation Zomcon. Citizens can sleep at night knowing their zombies are not there to eat brains but to mow lawns, deliver milk, and serve food—as model zombie citizens should.

In this faux-'50s suburban utopia, young Timmy Robinson's family is behind the times. Due to an unfortunate zombie experience in his past, Timmy's father is unwilling to allow even one into their home, while everyone else on the block has multiple undead servants. Tired of helplessly trying to keep up with the Joneses, Timmy's mother goes against her husband's wishes and brings home the family's first zombie. Timmy immediately takes to the loveable brute, forming an unlikely friendship, though this family pet is not your average Lassie.

In Fido, director Andrew Currie has provided a version of the 1950s idyllic world like never before, and a welcome addition to the burgeoning genre of undead comedy.

— Adam Montgomery

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