Fly by Night

Director: Steve Gomer
Screenwriters: Todd Graff

Institute History


Fly by Night is the story of young rappers in New York City and the way they cope with the personal, racial, economic and social forces trying to tear them apart. The characters who intersect with the world of rap are as diverse as the music that draws them: Rich, a subway-token clerk who leaves his job, his wife and his young son to seek fame and fortune as a rap artist Rich's cousin and fellow band member, Kool Kayam, with hands that scratch so fast they transcend novelty and approach artistry; and the third member of the band, known only as "I.” a bald, zombie like rapper whose angry cynicism is matched by his powerfully honest intelligence. Together the three form a rap group where Rich supplies the softer, sexier edge to I's bitterly explosive lyrics.

Many of their friends and competitors also inhabit the rap scene. The group "Under the Gun" is trying to make it with a lighter, more danceable sound, and such hangers on as Denise, Sam and Naji are also part of the world of groupies, club managers, record producers et al whose lives center around rap.

Rich's and I's music gets more powerful—and more popular. As Rich establishes his own artistic and political voice, he begins to question exactly what he wants out of his career in rap. It eventually dawns on him that his increasing popularity conveys a growing responsibility to his audience—a responsibility he is not sure he is ready to handle. The stories and various rap artists of Fly by Night document the fear, anger and frustration which plague contemporary urban youth of all colors. Their responses to the life of the streets are as varied as their rap styles. Through their struggles with themselves, economics and each other, they reach for better lives, and try to learn how to obtain them.

Friday Jan 22 10:15 pm
Holiday Village Cinema II

Saturday Jan 23 8:30 pm
Tower Theatre. Salt lake City

Monday Jan 25 1:00 pm
Egyptian theatre

Thursday Jan 28 7:15 pm
Holiday Village Cinema II

Saturday Jan 30 10:30 am
Holiday Village Cinema II


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