Feeling Minnesota

Institute History

  • 1993 Directors Lab


Jjaks Clayton, a reluctant crook with a romantic soul, returns home for his estranged brother Sam's wedding. The first thing that hits him upon his arrival is that old sibling habits don't die, they just grow more vicious with time. The second thing is that all hopes for making amends are lost when he lays his eyes on Freddie, Sam's new knockout bride.

With her knack for messing with the wrong people, Freddie had tried to skim ten grand from a small time local mobster. Unfortunately for her, she was quickly hunted down and as punishment was forced into a shotgun wedding with dweebish mob bookkeeper Sam.

Despite fears of mob reprisals, Freddie is determined not only to find a way out of this marriage, but also a way out of town so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a Las Vegas showgirl.

After a torrid encounter in the bathroom during the wedding reception, Freddie begs Jjaks to run off with her. Following a crisis of conscience where Jjaks tried to leave town without her, brother and bride are out the door and on the road in search of a new life together.

While pit stopping at the Twin City Motel, Freddie, in her own special way, convinces Jjaks that he must return home one last time to nab the mob money which Sam has stashed all over the house.

It's a violent state of affairs when Sam busts Jjaks with his hand in the till. After a knock down, drag out brawl, Jjaks crawls back to Freddie with his pride injured and half an ear missing. At first she greets him with love and tenderness, but it quickly changes to outrage when she discovers his meager haul. After provoking her own brutal scuffle, she storms out of the room leaving Jjaks to pass out from his pain.

Unbeknownst to Freddie, Sam is lying in wait. He forces her into the car and when she rebuffs his declaration of love, which comes complete with a dream house near Vegas, it's too much for him to bear and he shoots her.

Covering his tracks, Sam plants Freddie's body in Jjaks' motel room hoping to frame his little brother for the murder. Jjaks can't believe his eyes when he awakens a short time later to find Freddie lying all bloodied in the bathtub. With no memory of the previous night's events and fearing that he may have killed his new love, he sadly wraps her up in white sheets and hides her body in the woods.

Hours later Jjaks is arrested and Sam relishes the outcome. The real shock awaits the brothers as they head out to Freddie's burial sight with the police only to discover that her body has mysteriously disappeared. With no one to turn to, the brothers are forced into a hostile reconciliation in order to save their secrets and their lives. Caught up in their childish rivalry it never occurs to them that Freddie's body may be missing for the most obvious of reasons.

FEELING MINNESOTA, a dark yet comic romance, follows these characters on their quest for the American Dream, with an ending that changes the fortunes for everyone involved.

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