Institute History

  • 1994 Directors Lab


TANGO is three stories about three urban couples. Although they never meet, there is a common thread to these very different relationships. All involve the struggle for intimacy and the pressures of modern romance.

Araki is a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of women. Shortly after his wife's death, Araki meets Miho, a former stripper. Araki gradually becomes fascinated with what he perceives is Miho's resemblance to his wife. Miho and Araki ultimately realize that their relationship is built on illusion. They agree to end their affair, but share one last dance before parting.

Miyuki is a lonely school teacher on vacation in Tokyo. She meets Kenji, a trash collector, and they begin her first romance. Through a misunderstanding, Miyuki unwittingly drives Kenji away. With only a few days left in Tokyo, Miyuki searches unsuccessfully for Kenji. As she waits for the train that will take her home, Kenji appears. They run to each other and embrace in what becomes a dance.

Kazou is a musician and Hiromi is a fashion model. They are looking for an apartment together. Hiromi fears commitment and begins to smoke pot and verbally abuse Kazou. Hiromi eventually realizes that his relationship with Kazou is worth the risk of commitment. They celebrate by dancing.

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