Twenty Bucks

Director: Keva Rosenfeld
Screenwriters: Leslie Bohem, Endre Bohem

Institute History


A twenty-dollar bill is the point of departure and the ongoing glue uniting this collection of vignettes, adroitly directed by Keva Rosenfeld. The bill progresses from hand to hand, creating a finely woven web of disparate lives. The film offers up a diverse and entertaining collection of characters and their dramas that are sometimes intimately, but more often only coincidentally, interconnected. Fresh from its emergence from the Reddi-Teller, the bill wafts on a puff of wind into the eager hands of a street person (Linda Hunt!). From this modest beginning, the bill continues its journey by falling Into the hands of a wealthy immigrant father (George Morfogen), where it becomes the catalyst for a tragic misunderstanding between him and his prospective son-in-law (Brendan Fraser). After being tucked into the G-string of a bachelor-party stripper, the bill makes its way to a hustler (Steve Buscemi) and his more-professional partner (Christopher Lloyd), who together embark on a series of two-bit holdups with a tragic ending. Eventually reaching the hands of a budding writer, (Elizabeth Shue), it becomes the instrument which transforms her heretofore pedestrian life.

Rosenfeld and his producer partner, Karen Murphy, have revitalized the traditional "omnibus" motion-picture format. Their efforts result in an engaging, fast-paced set of sketches whose sometimes-surface story lines belie the complexity and insights of the film. Money is more than the root of evil, more than the stuff of dreams: for these filmmakers, it is ultimately a measure if values and a reflection of humanity.

Friday Jan 22 7:15 pm
Holiday Village Cinema II

Sunday Jan 24 3:00 pm
Prospector Square Theatre

Wednesday Jan 27 4:00 pm
Egyptian Theatre

Thursday Jan 28 6:00 pm
Tower Theatre, Salt lake City

Friday Jan 29 4:15 pm
Holiday Village Cinema II


Screening Details

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