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Seasons is a love story about one man's spiritual journey as he travels between his lives in Ghana, the Islands, and America.

The journey opens with Solomon a forty year old African American, returning to Cape Corcos Island, his childhood home in the West-Indies, where he spends four months out of the year with his wife Miriam. Nine years his senior, Miriam, is a sensual, patient woman, who has never left the island. Although barren, she devotes her life to being a mid-wife birthing the babies of poor Islanders. A respected man of the community, Solomon invests in and enjoys the beauty of island life.

For the first time in their fifteen year marriage, Solomon cuts his visit short to return to America to promote his new children's book inspired by the folk tales of West Africa. In America, his life is further complicated by Sam, his attractive, but needy, alcoholic neighbor. Solomon, disentangles himself from a compromising position with Sam, explaining to her that he's never been unfaithful to his wives, a concept which Sam finds frustrating, contradictory, and a challenge. Sam's relentless questioning of Solomon's lifestyle, and perusing events challenge him to reevaluate his commitments.

Anxious to anchor himself, Solomon travels to visit his second wife Ashia in Ghana ahead of his four month schedule. Here in Ghana, Solomon enjoys Ashia's dedicated passion, the simplicity of village life, and the strong sense of family and History. It is apparent that Solomon needs his African roots to spark his muse.

When Solomon returns to Miriam on the Island, he questions his need to be there. Through Miriam's response, and subsequent events, Solomon decides to remain permanently on the island with Miriam. He cannot bring it upon himself to share this news with Ashia who unbeknowst to him has given birth to his son. Ashia tries to find her husband and travels to the Island to give him the news. At the same time, obsessed with Solomon, Sam also appears on the Island. Shaken by the final climactic events, Solomon is forced to make hard choices and confront his inner truths.


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