Vince and Guy

Institute History

  • 1999 June Screenwriters Lab


In a small town with its own set of rules, your best friend can be the life of you—or the death of you. VINCE AND GUY takes place in the historic Indian town of Mashpee, a town conflicted, a town that, like Vince and Guy, questions the past but strives valiantly to move into the future. This story ignites with the raw energy of a blazing fireball on a hot summer night and the festive spirit of the human soul as it dances in celebration at Pow-wow.

A victim of an abusive, dysfunctional household, Vince has a passion for trouble and is on the fast track to nowhere. A pacifist from a loving, nurturing family, Guy has a passion for the culinary arts. All he wants in life is to make people happy through his cooking and open his own restaurant in his hometown. These two boys are best friends with a bond so strong that drugs, racism, crime, and punishment can't break it.

Their friendship is tested one fateful summer day when the boys become entangled in an incident that changes their lives forever. Mistaken identity and false accusations lead to Guy's downfall. Stricken with guilt and the impending loss of his best friend, Vince vows that he will never let Guy down again. They make a pact, blood is drawn, and Vince and Guy are inextricably connected forever. VINCE AND GUY tells the tale of boys who grow up too soon, but with an undying spirit, they fight for love and redemption in an unforgiving town.

Beaten down by life, Vince puts all of his energies into doing right by Guy in order to fell worthy. With an inner strength that is invincible and a passion that is unstoppable, Guy perseveres. On the brink of sweet success in a town where he's branded a criminal, one wrong move could have dire consequences. Guy puts his trust and loyalty in Vince, who had promised him long ago that he would always be there for his best friend. Now Vince must overcome his own personal obstacles to be there when his friend needs him most, this one last time. How far would you really go for a friend?


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