A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

Director: Chris Waitt
Screenwriters: Henry Trotter, Chris Waitt

Institute History

  • 2008 Sundance Film Festival


When scraggly, endearingly hapless filmmaker Chris Waitt gets dumped by his girlfriend—the last in a long line of disastrous affairs—he resolves to find out what exactly is wrong with him. Why have all his relationships ended in acrimony or indifference? What will it take for him to dodge everlasting loneliness?

The only way to find out is to ask his past paramours point blank. And so begins an odyssey of inadequacy as our clueless crusader confronts exes who turn out to be mostly incredulous, crushed, or cross as they skewer him with remembrances of his chronic lateness, self-absorption, and delusion. Not even his mother can muster much sympathy! Meanwhile, Waitt attempts to jump-start his love life through Internet dating. But lo and behold, a different kind of inadequacy emerges—the kind that no amount of therapy, acupuncture, or even a session with a dominatrix can fix. Suffice it to say that nothing short of a Viagra overdose does the trick, sending Waitt careening to a desperately uncomfortable climax . . . I mean, catharsis.

Of course, watching Waitt get his comeuppance is a deliciously gratifying romp for every woman who’s ever been wronged by a useless boyfriend. But A Complete History of My Sexual Failures is more than just sweet revenge or hilarious farce; at its core are soft, gooey truths about the sacrifices and self-knowledge required for grown-up love.

— Caroline Libresco

Screening Details

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