Director: Gaspar Noe

Institute History

  • 1992 Sundance Film Festival


Gaspar Noe pulls no punches with his sensory and visual language as Carne explodes across every cinescope frame. Using his sharp-as-steel storytelling ability, Noe effectively combines monologues, printed text and hyperreality in this darkest of black comedies. The tale itself is strange enough: a butcher in the industrial section of Paris spends his days slaughtering horses and his nights caring for his bizarre and mute teenage daughter. In tracking the events of his life, we jolt through the chaos and life-changing events and then, in the next moment, are forced to pause and absorb the frank banality of his day-to-day existence. If ever there was a film that explores anger, obsession and destiny, this one could match it, pound per pound of flesh. What is most miraculous is that even though there is a whole range of cinematic textures, we still go the distance with each of the characters . . . sort of “Brecht on amphetamines.” The word “riveting” best describes this complete and ultimately satisfying cinematic experience.

Screening Details

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