Institute History


On a random day in San Francisco, the lives of ten strangers mingle with and collide against one another, leaving each person forever changed. A troubled waitress, a desperate wife, a divorced father, a racist elder, a single mom, a playboy, a stripper, a vile construction worker, and two reformed alcoholics all play part in the multifaceted story that deal with sex, race, love and longing.

Jamie, an alcoholic waitress, has just aborted the baby she conceived with Rick, who's married—but not to her. They met at AA, where Marvin has been a counselor for years. Marvin's life is extremely organized, but his man-eating stripper niece, Danielle, is out of control. She gets chased by Reed, a penis-wielding construction worker, and dumped by her latest boyfriend, Michael, a self-proclaimed playboy. The only woman Michael has ever truly loved is his mother, Rosie, a lonely widow and unabashed racist. rose owns Chen Cleaners and has a heated confrontation with frequent customer Lydia, a newly-crowned mother of four children, left behind by her drug-addicted sister. Fearing she'll remain forever single, Lydia jumps at the chance when Dave, a divorced father, asks her out on a date. But the night is almost ruined when Mira, the babysitter, never shows up; Mira is possibly the worst driver in the city and ends up causing a horrible accident. By the end of this day, after their lives are jumbled and tossed, reshaped and reborn, these ten people are never the same.


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