Unmerciful Good Fortune

Institute History


This is the story of Maritza. She was raised to be perfect—the perfect daughter, mother and lawyer. Somewhere along the way she lost the reins to her life and now seems to be pulled along, struggling to survive day to day. Maritza's mother lies dying and fantasizes about a life of pleasure with a child who died at birth. Maritza's own daughter prefers to live with her father, finding life with Maritza "no fun." And Maritza's boss at the Bronx D.A.'s office berates her for spending too much time on cases that will bring them neither fame nor glory.

Into Maritza's life comes Fatima, a fast food worker with a gift, the ability to take anyone's hand and see into their life. Fatima's been arrested for poisoning a number of her customers. She believes she has done nothing wrong. By looking into someone's palm, Fatima believes she can see into their soul and determine if there is tragedy and sadness in their life. If what she sees is bad, Fatima feels it is her duty to end such misery.

Maritza is assigned to defend Fatima. Maritza, whose own mother dreams of release from her suffering, cannot, at first, accept Fatima's convictions. She feels threatened, yet strangely drawn to this woman who can end a life without feeling guilt or remorse.

Although by all outward appearances Maritza and Fatima are complete opposites, they gradually begin to become for one another their missing half. Fatima teaches Maritza that the quality of life is what's important, and Maritza ultimately finds the strength to let go of those she truly loves.


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