Spring Breakdown

Director: Ryan Shiraki
Screenwriters: Rachel Dratch, Ryan Shiraki

Institute History

  • 2009 Sundance Film Festival


For Judi, Gayle, and Becky, tragically unhip bosom buddies pushing 40, “make-your-own-pizza night” constitutes the pinnacle of revelry. But when Judi’s fiancé turns out to be gay, Gayle’s face repulses a blind guy, and Becky’s beloved cat kicks the bucket, they’re ready for real pampering. Dusting themselves off, the trio heads for some R&R on South Padre Island, where Becky’s supposed to chaperone her boss’s daughter. What they don’t know is that spring break has sprung, and there’s no turning back.

Skanky, semen-doused hotel rooms? Scantily clad, upchucking coeds? Sweaty, cramped, beer-foam parties? Judi and Gayle morph into unstoppable party animals, leaping into the vapid, anarchic euphoria without so much as a hiccup. Gayle’s latent popularity fantasy becomes a living wet dream as she’s inducted into a sorority of sweet, half-starved half-wits. Judi unlocks seventh heaven as she drinks her way to blissful oblivion and a life-changing night with a sexy, confused jock. Becky, our staunch ecofeminist, remains firmly on the sidelines, devoted to her principles and flowing skirts…until she and her young ward swallow a bit of spring-break elixir themselves.

An outlandish, quick-witted romp that jubilantly leaves none immune to ridicule, Spring Breakdown chews up our geeky gals and spits them out as triumphant powerhouses—confident that being who they truly are is way cooler than fitting in.

— Caroline Libresco

Screening Details

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