Institute History

  • 2009 Sundance Film Festival


Film before food. Truly independent films are made from the gut. Just feed filmmakers, and they are inspired to work. The Lunchfilms concept is basic: a filmmaker is taken out to lunch; in trade, he or she makes a short film for the cost o the lunch. Rules and inspirations are written out on a napkin contract. At times poetically real and other times languidly artistic, the resulting Lunchfilms offer a variety of stunning tastes.

Filmmakers featured in this edition include Tom Barndt (Offshore Bank, $43.19, 4 mins), Richard Bott (aka Anonymous)(untitled, $14.80, 1 min), Martha Colburn (Myth Labs, $36.66, 8 mins), Sean Conway (Sloe Gin Nights, $24.00, 2 mins), David Fenster and David Nordstrom (The Call, $43.43, 10 mins), Jim Finn (Great Man and Cinema, $25.45, 3 mins), Mike Gibisser (Springtime Wound Motor, $22.07, 6 mins), Bobcat Goldthwait (Goldthwait Family Home Movies (Anniversary Edition), $26.79, 8 mins), Brent Green (Weird Carolers, $43.05, 4 mins), Sam Green (Clear Glasses, $20.28, 4 mins), Braden King (Home Movie, $35.00, 14 mins), George Kuchar (Celluloid Cavalcade, $31.15, 19 mins), Lee Lynch and Naomi Uman (Tin Woodman's Home Movie #2, $41.32, 5 mins), Jake Mahaffy (Motion Studies 13: The Wax Supper, $69.80, 3 mins), Nicholas McCarthy (Chinese Box, $29.51, 10 mins), Sarah Soquel Morhaim (All Day All Night, $48.96, 3 mins), Nicolas Provost (A Dyslexic Man Walks Into a Bra, $29.76, 3 mins), Ricardo Rivera (Tung, $36.59, 1 min), Ben Russell (Trypps #6 (Malobi), $36.07, 11 mins), Kelly Sears (Jean, $35.44, 3 mins), and Jennifer Shainin and Randy Walker (Whiskey Preist, $27.73, 3 mins).

Archives note: See also the 2007 Lunchfilm collection.

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