Diagram of a Paper Airplane

Institute History

  • 2009 Theatre Lab


Javier C., the once promising playwright turned mentally unstable vagabond, dies in a freak flash flood in the wilds of Northern New Mexico. News of his death circulates among a group of his former friends and close
collaborators—who have been estranged for nearly two decades. Javier's death threatens to open a Pandora's Box of secrets, old wounds and guilt none of his friends want to confront. As a final act before his death, Javier sent fragments of his play Diagram of a Paper Airplane to his surviving friends—fragments that can only be made whole if the group comes together to read it. Javier's ex-wife and daughter arrange for a memorial service. His surviving friends arrive, driven by curiosity, guilt, and hope that the play will reveal the truth behind a tragic mystery that has haunted them for two decades.

Diagram of a Paper Airplane is a commission of the Goodman Theater.


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