One Too Many Mornings

Institute History

  • 2010 Sundance Film Festival


Fisher has it pretty good living rent free in exchange for taking care of a church and teaching kids to play soccer. But Fisher has a drinking problem. He drinks quite well, actually; it’s just that he acts like a moron when he drinks (and the morning after)—destroying things and relationships every time. Suddenly, Fisher’s old friend, Pete, shows up looking for some dude consolation after his girlfriend cheats on him. Too bad he looks for it in Fisher because not even hot “cougars” and bad advice can make Pete happy. What Pete needs is for Fisher to realize that they aren’t teenagers anymore. And that’s when Pete’s girlfriend shows up with some truth he sorely needs.

In One Too Many Mornings, director Michael Mohan intelligently explores the nuances of friendship and responsibility and keeps it charming. The hilarious film perfectly illustrates the complex problem of wanting to be loved while refusing to make yourself attractive. The acting is great, the characters are real, and the story’s challenge asks you personally—this is your life; what are you gonna do about it?

(Archives note: see also YouTube Channel.)

— Mike Plante

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