Crossfire/My Last Man

Institute History

  • 1993 Guadalajara Mexican Screenwriters Lab


"We've got work to do ... There is a place called Morgen ... that no one has yet filmed."

Florencia. an outstanding news reporter of firm determination, and completely devoted to her profession, seeks to reveal the secrets of death. Obsessed with this idea, she struggles to get an assignment as a reporter on the guerrilla.

She suddenly finds herself in the middle of a war, amidst lurking sha­dows, and where nothing that seems to be is. She walks in the labyrinth of a thousand fragments, where violence has given way to madness in a country divided by the tension created by two opposing forces. On one hand, the pressure of a totalitarian system, and on the other the impene­trable ideology of armed resistance. And there, in the middle of an assault, Florencia will find passion in her love for Pedro, leader of the "Liberation" movement, an armed group that is running out of ideas and resources, a bastion for a deteriorated and degraded idealism.

Violence and danger intermingle with infidelity and deceit. gradually tearing Florencia's history and life into pieces. Alvaro, her husband, who apparently takes no interest in his wife's work, is secretly involved in arm sales to the guerrilla, works as an informant and has a love affair with Carmen, Florencia's best friend.

But this would not be the only act of treachery. In the N station for which Florencio works, somebody has mysteriously censored the film material which she had worked so hard to put together. And not only that: The compromising takes which reveal Pedro's identity, and which Florencia had given to Carmen to take care of, fall into the hands of the "intelligen­ce". This would mean then a death sentence for Pedro.

The unravelling of the plot reveals the complex network of deceit and treason that surround the life of our main character in different levels of the story. And it leaves a trail of death and agony.

Finally, Florencia returns to her own inner isle trying to save the last of what is left of her: her career and a trusted fellow worker, maybe the only one who is capable of looking through her.

A film full of symbolisms that toy with the duality of magic and the reality it denounces.


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