Mexico Beat

Institute History

  • 1993 Guadalajara Mexican Screenwriters Lab


In 1950 John LeMarc and Jim drive all the way from Denver to Mexico City to visit Bill Wilson and his family, who had had to escape from the police some time before as a result of a drug related incident. During the trip, LeMarc compiles experiences and reflections to finish his second novel The Road, but he catches dysentery. The Wilson marriage deteriorates as a result of Bill's heroine addiction. Jim spends a frenetic night dancing to the rhythm of mambo in the "Balalaika", a particularly beat place in the city. He goes back to New York laden with marijuana. John, fully recov­ered from his illness, goes to a bullfight with Bill. This experience will have a negative impact on him as far as Mexican culture is concerned. On his way out of the bull ring John meets Teresa. a whore who was Bill's friend and pusher, and falls hopelessly in love with her. In 1951, in New York, LeMarc finishes his novel The Road and In September of this same year Bill kills his wife in a party and is sent to prison. In 1952, LeMarc returns to Mexico to continue his literary work. On probation, Bill proves to be a great writer, after the homicide. He goes to the underworld in Mexico City accompa­nied by Teresa and LeMarc, as well as to the magic world of Teotihuacan. Teresa and John live their romance with a background of political and social problems. Bill, sad because George, his lover, refuses to accom­pany him to South America, falls into a deep depression and, tired of being extorsioned by his own lawyers in order to keep him in Mexico, decides to leave the country. Teresa and John go their different ways amicably. In 1954, LeMarc returns to Mexico. He and Teresa have a great experience with hallucinogenic mushrooms in the mountains of Oaxaca and LeMarc writes a book of poems. Dave, Teresa's protector, discovers her relationship with John and threatens to kill them. The girl falls prey to a serious respiratory infection. Allen and three friends from New York decide to visit LeMarc and end up convincing him to go back and re-enter the cultural life in San Francisco. In 1957, in Tangiers, Morocco, LeMarc helps his friend Bill with his novel. He returns to Mexico City to try to persuade Teresa to go back to the United States with him but she refuses. They split. An earthquake shakes Mexico City. LeMark returns to New York to find that his novel The Road has become a best-seller. This novel has a great social impact on the American youth. Four years later, tired of interviews and banalities, he returns to Mexico City, in 1961 . Teresa, suffering from TB, works in a brothel. John tries to convince her to marry him but fails. They split for good. John hitch-hikes back to the States. On the road he bumps into Jim and a group of motorbiker friends. Both reminisce about the generational differences of the beats of the 50's and the new generations. who look to Mexico with new intentions. LeMarc crosses the border with his feet torn to pieces after walking for so long.


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