Strawberry Kiss

Institute History

  • 1993 Guadalajara Mexican Screenwriters Lab


Central Europe, 1634.

Olaf has got the itch: He is a servant in his teens who has fallen in love with Berenice, a noble maiden who by contract is being forced to marry a decrepit old man, Viscount Fratulus. On his way to Berenice, Olaf discovers the meaning of the word "honor". Upon his arrival to the castle where Berenice is kept under lock, and where her cousin Flavius is trying to make alliances for war, Olaf meets a mysterious individual named Quijano who, in love with Berenice, has followed her to that point from a convent in Spain. Olaf and Quijano, each working on their own, seek to rescue Berenice, but they are caught, imprisoned, and sent to war. They hate each other.

Olaf and Quijano are taken to a battlefield and forced to fight in the first lines, while the road taken by Berenice and Flavius to Fratulus' castle is blocked by the bottle. During the fight, Olaf tries to kill Quijano but ends up saving his life. Consequently, Quijano saves the lives of Berenice and Olaf, but loses the maiden to Flavius, who is now aware of Quijano's existence. In agreement with the Baroness of Walenburg (Fratulus' sister) Flavius commands Berenice to use a chastity belt so as to protect the sole guarantee for maintaining the marriage contract.

Olaf and Quijano survive the bloody battle, adopt Waldo (an ostrich) as a pet, and arrive to the village which surrounds the castle of Fratulus. Meanwhile, Berenice gets acquainted with Fratulus himself, an old man who, being a mystic forced to break his vow of silence, turns out to be on her side. Just when Olaf receives the official announcement of Berenice's wedding, Quijano accidentally kills a man about to commit suicide. After being persecuted around town, both Quijano and Olaf manage to hide at the house of the blacksmith, who is also the executioner. Next day they introduce themselves in the castle during a feast held in honor of the bride and the groom. They try to rescue Berenice, but are again caught. Fratulus intercedes for Olaf, but a gruesome death awaits Quijano, while Berenice must face perpetual vigilance.

Olaf learns the locksmith's trade at the blacksmith's, and with the help of Fratulus devises a pion to save Berenice. The plan consists of opening the chastity belt and smearing the bed sheets with the blood of a bird. Everything turns out OK, but Olaf falls asleep at Berenice's side and is found there next morning. Olaf manages to escape, and saves Quijano who is locked up in a flooded dungeon. However, Olaf is caught, and Quijano shows no sign of life. His execution is immediately prepared under the siege of the army that Flavius gathered from the alliances. The executioner turns out to be Quijano; Flavius rescues Berenice. then dies tragically after finding out about the Baroness· act of treason, and the blacksmith is forced by the army of the enemy to open the gates of the castle. During the battle Fratulus reaches the state of mystical enlightenment.

Olaf says farewell to Berenice and Quijano. who are embarking on a ship bound for New Spain. Finally, he sets free the little bird he had no need to use.


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