A Thin String of Blood

Institute History

  • 1993 Guadalajara Mexican Screenwriters Lab


Leon is a thirteen year old boy obsessed with the idea of sex who is constantly at odds with the narrow world of his family. In view of the impossibility of giving free rein to his desires he tends to take refuge in a world of fantasy. He is only able to come to terms with his "other-self'' perceived by him in his own reflection on the mirror and which represents the only voice in which he trusts.

He decides to run away from home and seek out Osbelia, his platonic love, who is on vacation in Guadalajara. To carry-out his plan he decides to steal some money from his parents.

The trip to Guadalajara turns out to be longer than expected. First, he meets an old crook who uses a series of schemes to kidnap him and force him to commit petty crimes, but he manages to escape. Then he meets a young Chinese man with whom he establishes, for the first time In his life, a real friendship.

His Chinese friend Invites him to visit a brothel, and when everything seems easy and fun a quarrel breaks out, and Leon's friend dies in his arms. A thin string of blood issues from the wounded manĀ· s mouth. Before dying, the Chinese gives Leon all of his money. With the death of his friend Leon also loses his ability to communicate with his "other-self''.

Leon finally reaches Guadalajara and realizes his "golden dream": to get to talk to Osbelia. Later, accompanied by Don Nestor, a taxi driver whom he had met upon arriving to Guadalajara, Leon visits a brothel and begins his sex life. Thanks to Don Nestor, he sees that it Is possible to trust some adults.

Leon then visits Chava, the taxi driver's sick son. They talk about each other's dreams and discover that they both wish to have a racing-bike. Leon misses his home and asks Don Nestor to drive him to the airport. On the way, Leon decides to buy Chava a bicycle and to send it to him as a gift.

On the plane back to his house, Leon recalls the scene in which his Chinese friend died and hits upon the fact that his friend had saved his life, having put himself between him and the pistol.

Leon returns home.


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