Robin and Marian

Director: Richard Lester
Screenwriters: James Goldman

Institute History

  • 1990 Sundance Film Festival


Robin and Marian is a very good film, all at once high adventure, grand spectacle, camp, drawing-room comedy and gag parody that is, in fact, quite serious and deeply romantic. Its premise: What happens after the story ends, the curtain comes down or the legend runs out? Robin Hood (Sean Connery), apparently bored living happily ever after in peaceful domesticity with Maid Marian (Audrey Hepburn), has taken off with Little John on another crusade to the Holy Land. Now, twenty years later, he comes staggering home from battle at the slowest possible pace ("Marian?" he says. "I haven't thought of her in years."). He even stops to lay ridiculous siege to a castle defended by one, lone old man.

Trudging back into a dilapidated Sherwood Forest, he must somehow reconcile with Marian, now Mother Jennet of the religious habit, and save her nuns from the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Shaw). Sean Connery's Robin is a fine old hunk of a man, approaching the end of his road, his illusions gone, but still dependent on form and style to give meaning to his life. Hepburn is equally magnificent, projecting feelings of love, abandonment and hope. Lester and screenwriter James Goldman succeed in playing the legend two ways at once-for laugh’s ("You didn't write," Marian says: "I don't know how," Robin replies), and as one of history's great romances. The two autumnal lovers discover in themselves and in each other something new, more valuable than what existed before.

Wednesday, January 24, 10:15 p.m.
Holiday Village Cinema II

Saturday. January 27, 10:15 p.m.
Holiday Village Cinema II


— Tony Safford

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