Still Lives


Institute History

  • 2016 Creative Producing Summit


Just after graduating college, Raina’s life stopped; she lives on her friend’s couch and gets a job curating a taxidermy display. Isolated and stuck in her expectations for the future, she reconnects with Ted, a secure older man she previously dated. Raina discovers that like everyone around her, he has moved on. She works hard to win him back, convinced he is the answer to her problems. Her obsession turns to taxidermy when he doesn’t respond. Stuck in her memories of their past relationship, Raina builds a surrogate version of Ted from taxidermy skins. The more she feels rejected, the more she spins out and brings the past to life through the taxidermy. Her creation starts to move, and allows her to relive her relationship in a dangerous romance. She falls into a relentless fever dream, at the risk of damaging her closest relationship with her friends and family, and losing a sense of her own skin.

Screening Details


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