Hell and High Water

Institute History

  • 1988 Sundance Film Festival


“A consortium of Japanese businessmen, under the auspices of an atomic scientist, hire a submarine full of mercenaries to investigate what the Communists are doing off the coast of Alaska. They discover that the Chinese plan to drop an atomic bomb on Korea and to make it look like the Americans did it.

Adam Jones (Richard Widmark) is a typical Fuller character, the mercenary—the man with a price for living but no reason for dying. His convictions change with his employers. He is a reductio ad absurdum of private enterprise, a free agent admitting responsibility only to himself and to the source of his money . . . Fuller does not state his themes, he shows them. The movie is not so much a violent anti-Communist tract as a tract about violent anti-Communism.”

— David Will

Screening Details

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