One Thousand and One Nights

Institute History

  • 2017 Theatre Lab


One Thousand and One Nights is a celebration of the infinite possibilities and the power of storytelling, and probably the first version of episodic writing as we know it today. In a series of 10-12 nights,Wissam Arabache's contemporary adaptation aims at recreating the techniques unfolded in this mythical compilation of Middle Eastern and South-Asian stories and folktales through various forms of theatre. It all starts with Shahrayar, a fierce sultan who has taken killing his brides at the morning of the wedding night, as a "hobby". This is until Shahrazad, the vizier's daughter, convinces her father to offer her as a bride to the sultan, so she can put an end to the murder of countless young women. This is how Shahrazad transformed what was supposed to be the last night of her life, into 1001 nights of stories, all interconnected, preventing the sultan from killing her by keeping him hooked on her words.


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