Truth, Manipulation, and the Fictionalizing of “Reality”

In documentary film, a truth only exists after it has been filtered through the eyes and editorial choices of the filmmaker. Even for directors who follow the vérité model, objectivity is an illusory construct. The panel will probe the thoughts of some of the documentary film world’s most preeminent voices on the issues of objectivity, subjectivity, journalistic integrity, and narrative manipulation. When a filmmaker inserts him or herself in a documentary frame and narrative, how does that “performance” influence the content? To what extent does a filmmaker feel a moral obligation to protect his or her subject? How does this obligation (or lack thereof) affect the filmmaking process? Are “setups” or reenactments justifiable if they replicate perceived reality or subjectivity? How have our panelists been impacted by the proliferation of first-person narratives? How do pressures from the marketplace or funding sources bear on the crafting of the work? This panel promises to be a memorable and illuminating event.

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