Movies and Sex in the Year 2000

What is the shape of eroticism in today's independent film? The United States is clearly caught up in a cycle of extreme conservatism, with the film industry being blamed for the corruption of social mores. On the other hand, concern with political correctness places an entirely different set of constraints on sexual representation. How do filmmakers navigate such fraught terrain? How has sex been foregrounded in American cinema in recent years? What choices are being made? How are audiences and critics responding? When a film like Eyes Wide Shut is censored, is a production code still operative? When ads for Romance are rejected in newspapers, how tolerant is the atmosphere for daring work? Does the pull of scandal and controversy make it impossible for a truly intimate sexuality to emerge on screen? This panel will be moderated by B Ruby Rich, author of Chick Flicks: Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement.


B. Ruby Rich
Anne Thompson
Shu Lea Cheang
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