Power of Story: The Big Idea

When we talk about the magic of movies, what are the mechanics of that magic? There are few things as mystifying as the creative process. Ideas are the building blocks of any creative endeavor, but where do they come from? How do we shape them using process and craft? And how do many creative minds come together to form a singular vision? In gathering a writer, editor, director, and composer together, we hope to peer behind the curtain of creativity and see the way to get from good idea to great film.

-b-Jill Bilcock-/b- is a frequent collaborator of directors Baz Luhrman, Sam Mendes, and Fred Schepsi. She has edited more than 25 feature films including -i-Moulin Rouge!, Elizabeth, Road to Perdition,-/i- and -i-Muriel’s Wedding.-/i-

-b-Caryn James-/b- (moderator) is a film and television critic who writes the “James on screenS” blog for IndieWire.com. Previously, she was film critic and chief television critic for the -i-New York Times-/i- and is the author of the novels -i-Glorie-/i- and -i-What Caroline Knew.-/i-

-b-Thomas Newman-/b- is an award-winning composer and conductor, who has scored over fifty films, including -i-American Beauty, The Shawshank Redemption,-/i- and -i-Finding Nemo.-/i-

-b-Jason Reitman-/b- is a writer and director known for his keen satirical social commentary. His films include -i-Thank You For Smoking, Juno, Up In the Air,-/i- and the forthcoming -i-Young Adult.-/i-


Jill Billcock
Sam Shepard
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