Hot Clip

Director: Cesar Cervantes
Screenwriters: Cesar Cervantes


Vince Reyna is a talented, 20-year- old, South LA skateboarder with big dreams of making it out of the hood. His best friend Miggy had big dreams too, but they were cut short when he was killed in a violent altercation with an LAPD officer. While coming to terms with his friend’s death, Vince struggles to pay rent before his family gets evicted, and to finish the ‘sponsor me’ skateboarding video he and his friends, Stouffs and Kerem, have been filming to get their careers off the ground. The trio couldn’t be more different, but their passion for skateboarding and shared experience with local thugs binds them together. The friends begin a dark odyssey through Southeast Los Angeles as they try to finish their skate video. They get harassed by cops, dodge a gang shootout at a school, have their camera stolen, and clash with local authority. It seems like there is no place for them. Hot Clip follows 24 hours in the lives of three young men trying to stay alive in Southeast Los Angeles as they confront issues of identity, race, violence, and surveillance in America.

Screening Details


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