The Kitchen



London, the near future. The divide between rich and poor is as wide as ever, morphing the city into a billionaire’s playground and forcing the native community out. Amidst all of this, our home is The Kitchen, London’s first favela. The story begins as the government agrees to sell the Kitchen to foreign investors, without the people’s consent - they must leave and they’re given 10 days to do it. Like most inhabitants, Izi had nowhere to call home before the Kitchen took him in off the streets. Since then, he has become the right hand man of Ramsay, an older brother figure who rises up to become the Kitchen’s leader. When Izi returns home one day, a riot has sparked off between the police and the Kitchen’s people, as workmen begin to move in. Ramsay demands a non-violent protest. As the protest continues, the heat rises, both inside and outside the favela; Ramsay has been painted as an uncontrollable terrorist ideologue, and the starving people of the Kitchen are beginning to doubt their leader. Torn between the people and Ramsay, Izi leads a risky heist for food that will change his life, and all those in the Kitchen, forever.

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