Running North


Institute History


The Indian Adoption Era is a little known period of recent American genocide where Indian children throughout the country were stripped from their families and relocated throughout the United States. Beau Thompson is one of those children now struggling to fit in as an adult in the Mission District of San Francisco. His patriarchal upbringing forced Beau to become despondent to his Lakota heritage but it also left him with a large void in his identity which he yearns to fill. Beau learns that his biological father Ron is near death and wants to face his son. Driven by anger, Beau returns to the plains of South Dakota to expose his father’s selfishness. What he finds instead is a man who was a victim of circumstances beyond his control and a system that took advantage of a loving Lakota family. As Beau struggles to piece together the missing narrative he finds himself abandoned yet again by the sudden death of his father. Beau must now trust Mary, a strong Lakota woman and the widow of Ron, to find the right path to forgiveness and love for himself.

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