Eye of God

Institute History


The bleak, recession-ripped small town of Kingfisher, Oklahoma is home to Ainsley, a young woman waiting for her life to begin. She anticipates the arrival of her pen-pal Jack, who has been released from prison. Though the two have never met, their intimate correspondence has answered her dreams for the future. Jack arrives, earnestly repentant, and trusting in found religious faith. They quickly marry.

EYE OF GOD disfigures time, as the story traces both the romance of Ainsley and Jack and the darker experience of a young boy who has witnessed a crime so brutal he's unable to speak. He leads a bewildered local sheriff to the eviscerated body of a young woman, Ainsley, and we suddenly realize that the deterioration of Jack and Ainsley's marriage and the life of a troubled young boy tragically coincide.

The small town America of EYE OF GOD is brutal and unrelenting. Its inhabitants cling to hollow precepts of law and religion, yet remain profoundly lost. Is this the landscape of the new America, or a twisted story of individual lives that collide tragically?


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