Positive I.D.

Director: Andy Anderson
Screenwriters: Andy Anderson

Institute History


Positive I.D. is a taut thriller about losing, changing and regaining identities. And Julie Kenner (Stephanie Roscoe), once a content, young, Fort Worth mother, wife and businesswoman, must fight to regain hers.
A year before the story opens, Julie was the victim of a violent crime. Her psychological scars run deeply—deep enough for her to contemplate suicide. Until she stumbles on a method to help her solve her problem . . a way to take back her identity—by changing her identity.
Through a bureaucratic maze, she begins to collect enough I.D. to establish another life. She calls herself “Bobbie” and manufactures her own history. Through “Bobbie,” she controls her past. Juggling both identities is difficult, but she begins to take the first tentative steps toward normalcy. But for which personality?
This is a tense, suspenseful drama, full of as many twists and turns as the multiple I. D.’s in “Bobbie’s” wallet. The film’s ending will be talked about for a long time. It’s a real shocker.

— Lawrence Smith

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